Case Studies & Success Stories

A child who has chronic bowel disease was denied DLA care component upon renewal. The child had sadly not improved and thankfully we were successful at the appeal . We achieved Middle rate care which will be backdated for around 9 months.

In additional the mother will be able to get her Carers Allowance reinstated and back dated.

- A SARC Success Story

A worker who was in his sixties was selected for redundancy we believed purely related to his age. We represented this client at a tribunal hearing and were successful in proving age as a protected characteristic was the main reason for his selection and failures to apply any fair procedure. The client was awarded over £30,000 compensation.


A man in his early 60s was originally only awarded the low rate of Mobility. He has complex physical and mental health challenges. We worked on the case to ensure great supporting medical evidence and a full legal submission was prepared. At the hearing we were able to successfully advocate for the highest rates of both daily living and mobility which we will be backdated over 1 year. His wife will now be able to claim Carers Allowance and we will ensure this this is backdated all the way back too.

- Another SARC success Story

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